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Rent Review Negotiations

Most commercial leases include a clause allowing the rent to be reviewed at a given time during the lease. Typically rent reviews would take place most commonly but not always at three and five years.

We are happy to provide an initial free appraisal if a rent review is due to give our opinion as to the correct market rent whether acting for landlord or tenant.

If we are subsequently instructed we can act on behalf of landlord or tenant in rent review negotiations if necessary taking the case to arbitration or an independent expert.

Lease Renewals

We can act in negotiations involving renewals of leases which either have come to or are approaching their end.

Typically these negotiations will surround the rent that should paid under the new lease and other terms under the lease such as repairing obligations, rent reviews and perhaps rent free periods.

Again, we are happy to give an initial appraisal without charge.

Schedules of Dilapidations

These usually become necessary at the conclusion of the lease where a tenant has not complied with the repairing covenants contained within the lease.

It is a detailed inspection of the building identifying those items which require repair or refurbishment with indications of cost. It would then be the responsibility of the tenant to either carry out these repairs or pay a sum in lieu.

The schedules are detailed and include photographic evidence.